About S.O.S. Radio

S.O.S. Radio is a listener supported, commercial free Internet Radio Station that caters to the promotion of Shag Clubs, Bands and Artists.


The Sound Of the Strand - S.O.S. Radio is a streaming radio station playing the best in shag, Beach and R&B. Streaming 58 Minutes every hour on Non-Stop Beach Music.

Broadcasting out of Winston Salem we are a listener supported Internet Radio Station. Our goal is to supply a commercial free Beach station and to support the Shag Clubs, Bands and Artists of N. Myrtle Beach.

On your phone download the FREE Live365 App and search for SHAG or SOS or simply go to Soundofthestrand.com and hit the PLAY button or go to "Google Home" or "Alexa" and say: "Play Sound Of the Strand on Tune In Radio"

S.O.S. Radio is completely listener supported and no-one receives a salary or gets paid, all expenses are paid from our supporters like you.
Please consider supporting us. Thanks